VPN, which is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, is a service which enables you to circumvent any restrictions by country that sites or online services might have. By using this service, your Internet connection goes through a third-party server, so you connect only to it and each and every site you open is accessed using the server Internet protocol address, making it a proxy. Because your actual IP or location are never disclosed, using a Virtual private network will also increase your security when you access any content on the Internet as it will appear that the Virtual private network hosting machine is the one opening an internet site, for example, and not you directly. In this way you can access content that's restricted either by the provider that offers it or by your Internet provider. We provide you with VPN access through several locations around the world as part of all our hosting packages and if your sites are accommodated on our hosting servers, you can take advantage of this service without paying anything on top of the hosting fee.
VPN Traffic in Cloud Hosting
If you use a cloud hosting plan from our company, you'll be able to find the VPN servers list and the login credentials which you need to use in the respective section of your Hepsia Cp. We keep expanding the number and the location of the servers at all times, so with just a few clicks you are able to mask your real location and appear as if you're in NY or Amsterdam, for instance. This service will offer you more freedom because you will be able to access any content material that is restricted inside your country either by your Internet company or by the site offering a particular service and all it takes to achieve this is to be able to connect to any of our hosting servers. We also provide a tool, that will filter all images and any advertisements that surface on a given internet site in order to boost your loading speed and to save you the extra traffic from content which you might not want to see. Our service offers you the chance to access any blog, streaming service or social network worldwide effortlessly.
VPN Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers
You can use the VPN access service with all our semi-dedicated server accounts and the login info that you should input in the client on your pc shall be listed within the Virtual private network area of your Control Panel. That is also the place where you could find all locations where we have servers, so you could quickly connect to a machine in North America or Europe, for instance, and whenever you access an internet site, it shall appear that you're in the country where the hosting server is. The connection to the VPN servers is encrypted all of the time, so your real physical location or what you look at or download online shall be undetectable from any third-party. This shall permit you to use any service that is restricted to particular countries or to access any information that may be restricted in your own country, such as certain social networks, blogs, discussion boards or video and audio sharing portals.
VPN Traffic in VPS Servers
We offer the VPN access service with all Linux VPS servers that are obtained with our Hepsia Control Panel and you can take advantage of it the moment your hosting machine has been installed. The login settings are available within the VPN area along with all servers that you are able to use to connect - in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands etc. We keep introducing locations to offer you a choice where the connection will go through and to enable you to access more services that are restricted to certain countries or ones that you are not permitted to open from your home country. The Virtual private network filter, which you'll be able to activate or disable at any time, will block advertisements and large graphics so as to save you traffic and to raise your browsing speed. If you use this service, the connection between our machines and your pc or phone will be encrypted, so a third-party cannot see what you access or the location you actually access it from.
VPN Traffic in Dedicated Servers
You can use the Virtual private network access service with our dedicated servers if you pick Hepsia for the hosting Cp on the order page and as soon as you log in and go to the corresponding section, you will find the hostname, username and password that you have to use inside your Virtual private network client to be able to connect to our system. We have lots of servers all over the world, which you could use and all your traffic shall be routed through them - Canada, the Netherlands, the US, etc. Since we try to provide you with a better service all the time, we keep including servers to the list. In this way you can easily appear as if you're actually inside one of those countries, hence you won't have any difficulties to open a site or access a service, which isn't allowed inside your country or is limited to chosen countries around the world. To save you some traffic and to improve your browsing speed, we have also added a special filter which you can easily activate through Hepsia to block all advertisements and compress pictures on the internet sites which you visit.